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Archive of Hong Kong Culture



1. 出版及印刷物(報章、書刊、地圖、宗教善書、小冊子等)
2. 文物(博物館、大學、私人典藏文物等)
3. 照片(生活照片、田野考察照片等)
4. 影音紀錄(日常影音記錄、娛樂事業影音紀錄、田野考察影音記錄、口述歷史訪談紀錄等)
5. 其它任何形式且具文化價值之事物(民間技藝等)


1. 新聞與傳播行業
2. 餐飲行業
3. 大眾娛樂
4. 宗教
5. 政治與法律
6. 貿易與金融
7. 教育與出版
8. 公共服務與團體
9. 其它任何未列出之領域


Project Name: Archive of Hong Kong Culture
Organizer: International Centre for Taiwan and Hong Kong Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University
Collection Type: Published and Printed Materials, Artefacts, Photographs, Audio-visual Recordings or Other materials with certain cultural value in any form

The International Centre for Taiwan and Hong Kong Studies at National Sun Yat-sen University was established in 2021 with the aim of promoting the internationalisation of international studies in Taiwan and Hong Kong. To further advance related studies in the academic community, the Hong Kong Cultural Archives Project will be launched to systematically preserve, display, and exchange scholarly resources related to Hong Kong studies.
The project aims to collect, organise and digitise Hong Kong's valuable materials, covering a wide range of fields including but not limited to daily life, politics and economics, etc., in order to build up the first integrated database of Hong Kong culture abroad in Taiwan with the help of the academic network and public. The project also aims to compile the collection in both scholarly and accessible ways, and to establish a system of descriptive vocabularies as well as a system of the collections which allows searching and citation if resources permit, in order to facilitate the application of the project's findings for both academic and public use.

Any artefacts, documents and audio-visual materials related to Hong Kong culture are welcome, including but not limited to the following categories.
1. Published and Printed Materials (Newspapers, Books, Maps, Religious Texts, Pamphlets, etc.)
2. Artefacts (Museums, Universities or Private collections, etc.)
3. Photographs (Daily Life, Fieldwork Photographs, etc.)
4. Audio-visual recordings (Audio-visual Recordings of Daily Life, Entertainment, Field Trips, or Oral History Interviews, etc.)
5. Other materials with certain cultural value in any form (Folk art, etc.)

The project is tentatively scheduled to be implemented gradually over the next 3 years, divided into 2 main phases. Cultural artefacts will be collected and arranged in Phase 1, followed by dissemination, display and exchange in Phase 2. As data organising takes time, the collection will be categorised according to cultural fields in order to smoothen the process. The order of collections is as follows,

1. Journalism and Media
2. Food and Beverage
3. Public Entertainment
4. Religion
5. Politics and Law
6. Trade and Finance
7. Education and Publishing
8. Public Services and Organisations
9. Any other fields not listed

We are inviting the academic community and public's participation in building up an integrated database of Hong Kong culture. Anyone who is interested in helping, donating or has any questions, please contact the Centre for further details via For individuals or organisations donating valuable materials, the donor and the copyright owner will be identified on the materials once displayed or published, with the provenance of the materials verified to protect the copyright owner. Any material for which copyright cannot be verified will be used for internal academic purposes only, and will not be reproduced, adapted, distributed, publicly displayed, disseminated or used for any public purpose in any form.

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